Show simple item record Nitharjan, B. 2019-05-08T01:20:11Z 2019-05-08T01:20:11Z 2016
dc.identifier.citation Nitharjan B. (2016) Smart Shopper BSc. Dissertation. Informatics Institute of Technology, Sri Lanka and University of Westminster UK. en_US
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dc.description.abstract Food is the essential fact for living to all the creatures in this world. In modern day people fulfill their food needs and other needs by buying groceries in shops. Since the industrial revolution people started live in structured way. People fulfilled there needs buy using money that they get paid from work. In time being people started to busy life because of the work load. Since the supermarkets and discount shops started to emerge shopping habit of people have changed vast people start to buy more than what they need in order to stock up or to save time. Change in the people’s shopping habit started to cause food wastage in missive scale. There are many programs started by governments and other non-government agencies to reduce food waste at consumption level. Technologies helps to find a solution for more and more complex problems, now many developed and developing countries investing in new technologies to find a solution for food waste. Smart shopper System will analyses each customer’s purchase history and predict personalized shopping list for them. Smart shopper also maintains the pantry list of items in the pantry of individual users. Smart shopper using the specially designed predictive analysis algorithm for predicting the future shopping list for customer. As a final output of this project is a Mobile Smart Shopper application and web application which works with backed API service to make the application Possible to access through mobile phones and web from anywhere. Users of smart shopper will be benefitted from system and it will also reduce over shopping which led to food waste. System will also help users to plan their shopping in finger tips without looking at pantries" en_US
dc.subject Shopping en_US
dc.title Smart Shopper en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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